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Ventura upgrade issues?


I'm wondering if you found that Ventura causes more overhead than previous versions of the software? I upgraded to Ventura yesterday, and ever since I have been getting "A significant number of video frames could not be decoded due to decoder overload." sporadically throughout the day.

I never received this error before the upgrade to Ventura. The Mac in question is a Mac mini 2018, and SecuritySpy is the only software on the machine.


  • It will be interesting to see if other users are also seeing this problem. The only possibly cause for this message is that the video decoder (which is built into macOS, and accelerated by the Mac hardware) can't keep up with decoding the rate of video frames that SecuritySpy is sending to it. We have seen some such performance differences between system versions over the years but these have generally been small, so hopefully Ventura won't be significantly less efficient at this task compared with previous system versions. My suggestion to you would be to reduce your camera frame rates by a small amount - if the message is currently sporadic, you shouldn't have to reduce them too much to avoid this issue.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm anxious to hear from anyone else as well. It is possible I was RIGHT at the threshold of the limit of my system, maybe...?

    I do remember seeing that message before, but I think it was only one single time, over the course of more than a year with the same camera/system setup.

    Since upgrading to Ventura, I am getting it about 10-12 times per day.

  • I"m running a 2018 Mac mini with 32 cams and no problem.

  • Ive upgraded to Ventura on a client Mac not my main server where SS runs. I still use SS on the client Mac to view my SS server and haven't had issues but I dont know if that's the same thing because its simply feeding of the server machine

  • @keness - only a dozen messages daily does suggest you are right on the edge of the limit here - reducing camera frame rates a bit should stop this from happening.

  • @keness ,

    I have a 2018 Mac Mini as well and am contemplating making the move to Ventura. Can you shares more on the spec of your machine?

    My machine is a 3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 with 16Gb of 2667 MHz DDR4 RAM. Not sure if this will have any impact on performance limits. Don't know if this would have any impact on the video decoder keeping up. Might be good to know though.

  • I can share some benchmark results that we have for these 2018 Mac minis, in terms of the maximum total rate at which they can decode various video streams:

    Decode 2K H.264: 720-820 fps

    Decode 4K H.264: 210-250 fps

    Decode 2K H.265: 560-640 fps

    Decode 4K H.265: 260-290 fps

    The reason for the range is that there are different models of 2018 Mac mini with varying performance - here is the order in terms of lowest to highest performance:

    4-core 3.6 GHz i3

    6-core 3.0 GHz i5

    6-core 3.2 GHz i7

  • Hi FWIW I've been getting the decoder errors since the last security spy update (5.5.2) released earlier this month. I only updated the OS to ventura yesterday, so I don't think it's related.

  • I did the upgrade to Ventura yesterday as well for my older Mac Mini (Intel i53GHz 6 core also with 16Gb of RAM). No issues on my end so far. I am running 4 camera's but plan on expanding with possibly another 4 (hoping that does not break the system). My load appears to be about 6% per camera (they are running at 8.3MPixels, at 15fps, with H.265 for the format). Not sure if that helps.

  • Hi @sirwally this is most likely bad data being sent by your Reolink cameras. The main thing to do is obtain and install the latest firmware on your cameras from Reolink - their firmware has improved over time, and if you are running older firmware this could be the cause of these kinds of problems.

    Nothing has changed in the 5.5.2 update specifically related to video decoding, so I'd be very surprised if this update was the cause. But, if you want to roll back to the previous 5.5.1 release to check this, you can do so via the menu option at SecuritySpy > Debug > Change Software Version.

  • Thanks @Ben. Looks like 4/5 of my cams fw was current. I downgraded to 5.5.1 and will see how it goes.

  • I upgraded to SS 5.5.2 and the number of times I get the decode error has jumped up to a couple times an hour, no other changes to system or anything.

    It only happens when I have the All Cameras window open, but I've always kept that open 24/7 without problem before. If I close the All Cameras window, though, I don't receive the error.

  • Correction/Update... After upgrading to 5.5.2, I'm now occasionally getting the decode error even when the All Cameras window ISN'T open. I've never once gotten this before when that window wasn't open.

  • I haven't had the decode error since I downgraded to 5.5.1

  • I've looked into it, and the only relevant change here between 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 is related to the reporting of these errors, rather than anything that could cause them in the first place. Version 5.5.1 tolerates more bad frames before reporting them than version 5.5.2 does, which explains why some users are seeing more of these errors, all other things being the same. We'll review to see if we should revert to the previous reporting behaviour, but fundamentally the problem is the bad frames coming from the camera, and the best way to reduce the likelihood of this is to make sure the camera is running the latest firmware, and make sure the network is working well (high-quality gigabit Ethernet switches, good cabling, using Ethernet rather than WiFi).

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