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new SV3c camera and 2-way audio


I just picked up a new SD5POE-5MP-HX camera. I could only get it working using one of the auto profiles, but none of them support 2-way audio. Digging into the camera it looks like it is using G711, which from previous posts is supported as that is what Amcrest uses?

Is there a way to modify profiles to combine all of the working bits together?

Thanks so much!


  • Sorry but at this time, two-way audio is supported only for Axis, Amcrest, Dahua and Hikvision cameras. We have been working on a universal ONVIF implementation of this, but have hit some problems that mean this isn't working well enough for general release. I hope that we will be able to get the ONVIF implementation working at some point in the near future, at which point it is likely that two-way audio will work in any ONVIF compliant camera that supports two-way audio.

  • Thanks for the update Ben! Looking forward to it.

  • Hi Ben-

    I hope you're making progress on universal two way audio implementation for SS. Until now, many of the existing cameras, just haven't had robust enough speakers… Seems to be changing now, Reolink, others too, have a number of cameras that include a very nice speaker, for IP cameras anyway. I would like to swap out some of my cameras, for two way audio units… and also just replace older 3MP units… I'm looking to get an M1 Mini finally… I think the M2 is just gonna be too far away… And I probably don't need that many surveillance cameras in my life, 😉


    Be well!


    I really like the AI in the browser, hope to see it soon in the app.

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