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SS and Scrypted (months in)

Security Spy is awesome. I had planning on buying a M1 Mini but it’s been running off an OLD 2014 MacBook Pro - 8 high res streams for AI recording of events and 8 low res streams continuously recording to 16TB array. Flawlessly. Love it. Have used the footage several times to solve mysteries here on the farm!

BUT - what’s lacking is remote access and viewing. While I can poke a hole in my firewall - thats not acceptable to me.

The solution is Scrypted. So in addition to the local recordings - all motion is also reviewed by any one of the 3 Apple TV’s on the network and onboard AI classifies the motion and the clip is sent to my iCloud HomeKit Secure Video storage - and events and remote streaming work flawlessly on my phone when off network. I also have Scrypted running on the same old Mac book that SecuritySpy is on and - no resource issues

@Ben - next version you should seriously consider adding either a Scrypted plugin or that type of functionality- it’s so nice to have the native HKSV functionality on the phone.


  • Great to hear that all is working well, especially on a 2014 Mac!

    Scrypted does look very good, however since the current remote access features work well for the vast majority of users, I would question how much benefit we can add by working on a specific plugin for this. I can certainly understand the desire to minimise possible attack surface for hackers, but SecuritySpy has good security and if you use strong passwords then the risk of opening a port for SecuritySpy to allow remote access is very low.

  • My suggestion isn’t to replace your remote access part - if people like it - cool. Rather you have built “hooks” to leverage other parts of the Apple Ecosystem- and for a NVR as solid and Apple centric as Security Spy - not having your own hooks for HKSV is “lacking” IMHO… and since Scrypted does it - a plugin or even using the same tricks they do - to add the ability to leverage a HomeKit Hub on the LAN and use more Apple stuff from SS - just seems a very logical extension to me.

  • Agree with recommendation to expand options for users who support SS.

    HSV is a nice option for pushing some footage to the cloud (offsite redundant), and has more object recognition capabilities than SS.

    Pushing streams into Home app lets my large family access some of them as well. No extra software for them to learn/manage.

  • Makes sense to leverage these platforms

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