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New user with INQMEGAPRO

I'm new to SecuritySpy and have been blown away by it's great features. Destined to be one of my favorite programs next to Indigo which is also really great!

I've integrated most of my IP cameras with no problem. However, I've been having a few issues with a 5MP INQMEGAPRO I bought on Prime Day. It's supposed to be ONVIF compliant but that profile didn't work so I'm using the NetCat profile. It works OK except no PTZ. I've also been able to use a manual configuration. Any suggestions to get PTZ to work?

I'm also trying to get an Echo Show to display the camera. All my other cameras either work natively or through SecuritySpy or Monocle. Is there any trick to configuring the SecuritySpy server streams to play nice with Alexa?




  • Why don't you post a screenshot of your SecuritySpy preference page ( with IP blurred)

  • Thanks for the suggestion but the device page wouldn't really show anything of interest except the IP address and credentials of the camera and the NetCat profile selected. Everything else is blank or greyed out. I know of no options for PTZ except to disable it (which is not selected).

  • Hi Dave, great to hear you are liking SecuritySpy!

    If the camera is truly ONVIF compliant, perhaps this feature is simply turned off currently and needs to be enabled. Click the "Open In Web Browser" button in SecuritySpy at Preferences > Cameras > Device, log in to the camera and check over its settings. Is there any mention of ONVIF, or a setting to turn ONVIF on/off?

    Sorry but there is no integration between SecuritySpy and Alexa - am I understanding this question correctly?

  • Hi Ben,

    I haven't been able to run the web interface since I get this error in Safari and similar problem with other browsers:

    It wants to install a plugin which I'm skeptical of and can't get working anyway.

    I was trying to support Alexa through the Monocle Gateway and was just hoping that Monocle accessing the camera through SecuritySpy might help. I asked in case someone had some experience with this.


  • Since this camera apparently doesn't support ONVIF out of the box, and its web interface doesn't work on modern browsers, my recommendation here would be to return it and instead use a camera that is included in our list of supported cameras. Sorry I can't be of more help with this, but since it's basically impossible to configure the camera I don't really know what else to suggest here.

    Monocle Gateway looks interesting, I'm not familiar with it, but it looks like you can add any RTSP stream to it, in which case you can add streams from any camera in SecuritySpy. For the format of the RTSP URLs that SecuritySpy uses, see the "H.264 stream (RTSP)" section under "Live video" on the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification page.

  • Yeah, I was able to add another camera to Alexa by using the same method you described. It didn't work adding directly through Monocle but it did work when I went through SecuritySpy. Very useful! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the INQMEGAPRO working with it yet but it works good enough for all important features and was very inexpensive, so I'll probably keep it and have fun continuing to work on the issue. I'll let you know if I have any further success with it.

    But you're right; if I was starting from scratch I would look at your list of cameras first and go from there. Live and learn!


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    Success! I was able to get into the camera's browser interface using the Internet Explorer mode of Edge. A plugin called NetSurveillance provides the interface with an overwhelming amount of options. I'm not exactly sure what it does but checking the "Onvif check" checkbox seems to have done the trick.

    I also changed the SecuritySpy ONVIF port setting to 8899 since that was the default in the camera so that actually may have been the fix. Leaving it blank gives an ONVIF error.

    In any event, I can now use the ONVIF profile and PTZ control works, including presets and patrol!

  • Great to hear that! Well done for your continued detective work, which has clearly paid off here.

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