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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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Supported Cameras in SecuritySpy version 5

SecuritySpy is compatible with thousands of cameras from hundreds of manufacturers, so it's impossible to list all models individually, but below is a list of manufacturers along with our comments and recommendations, derived from our own testing as well as customer feedback. A star indicates a manufacturer that we particularly recommend.

ONVIF-compliant cameras are highly likely to work with SecuritySpy, even if the manufacturer is not on this list. We strongly advise against purchasing any non-ONVIF camera whose manufacturer is not on this list.

We endeavour to keep this list up to date, but this is a fast-changing industry and we cannot guarantee complete accuracy. We recommend you purchase from a reputable store with a good returns policy, such as B&H.

We also have some specific camera recommendations at Our Camera Picks.

Here are some general recommendations: