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Unable to Login to FOSCAM Camera

MAC Big Sur and Safari 15.5

I trying to login in to my FOSCAM camera (FI9900) that is on my dedicated Security Spy network.

I can get to the Camera LOGIN page but it says that "plugins are not Found". I downloaded and installed the login from the link provided, but no luck. I also tried Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, no luck.

Any suggestions?



  • Maybe you need internet explorer lol

  • Yes, unfortunately this camera needs a web browser plugin in order to configure its settings in a web browser. This used to work in old versions of Safari, but pretty much all web browsers have stopped supporting these kinds of plugins nowadays, so unless you have an older Mac with an older version of Safari you can use, you're probably out of luck here.

    As this is a somewhat old 1 MP camera, you are probably far better off with a more modern camera anyway - my advice would be to swap this for one that is included in our list of supported cameras.

  • Bren


    I guess its time to upgrade


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