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preview no longer works

i migrated my stuff to m1 mac mini recently. now my apple tv app or iphone app no longer previews a camera - the preview is grey in camera scroll - can click on it and see the feed but i no longer can see preview on the screen.

the server app is not affected - only client apps. installed and reinstalled all apps and looked at all related settings with no success. please advise? this is very frustrating


  • If the M1 has a new IP or name on the network - you may have to re add the server to the client. And it seems clunky to do so.

    on my Apple TV I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It then found the new server and things started working fine. Had to do the same on my iPhone.

  • i have done all that hence the post.

  • I'm not immediately sure what could be the problem here. If you access SecuritySpy using a web browser (e.g. Safari on the same machine or another machine on the network), do you see live video correctly there?

    Do you have remote access set up for this system? If so, could you please allow us temporary access (viewing-only permission for just one camera should be sufficient) so that we can test this from here? If so, please email us at with access details. Thanks.

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    to reiterate, i have no problem with the browser or the stream from cameras. there are 2 feeds - camera, preview (when you have all your cameras in a tile or a column they use preview). on APPS like my phone or my appleTV - i only have camera view working, not preview (which doesnt work - i have to click each camera to see the camera view).

    so the stream with preview does not work - when you click it to view the camera stream it will work, just not the preview screen. when you go back to preview screen you will see the last frame from camera view and then you will see camera icon crossed over - meaning you have no stream going. I dont know how else to explain it so im not sure whats the disconnect here.

  • actual image now

  • this is the PREVIEW mode. as you see its not streaming and showing an image from the last moment i looked at cams last night

  • Thanks for posting the screenshots, I do see what you mean, but I can't yet determine why this is happening. Are you willing to allow us viewing-only access to one camera so that we can test this?

    Also, please check the log file (File menu > Open Log) to see if there are any messages related to the web server.

  • is this related?

  • BenBen
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    Yes, this error is the cause of the problem. The likely reason is that you are using the old v4 version of SecuritySpy, which has been discontinued for some time now and has not been tested on newer Mac hardware and macOS system versions. The solution would be to upgrade to the latest v5 version of SecuritySpy, which is fully compatible with M1 hardware and the latest macOS versions - you can read about upgrading here.

  • thanks,

    my guess is already own it. so i just download and install?

  • installed it and re-registered. so far so good! thanks

  • Great to hear that!

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