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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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Upgrading to Version 5

SecuritySpy version 5 is a major update over version 4, with many significant improvements.

Existing users of any previous version of SecuritySpy can upgrade now with a 30% discount off the full retail price. If you purchased SecuritySpy on or after 2 January 2019, you are entitled to a free upgrade, but you still need to visit the upgrade store to obtain a new license code.

You can download SecuritySpy version 5 and try it out free for 30 days, during which time all features are available to test. If you decide not to upgrade, you can simply to switch back to your current version.

The main improvements are as follows (for a quick summary jump to the Full List of Improvements section below):

Smart motion detection powered by AI

SecuritySpy's motion detection is now powered by Artificial Intelligence, making it smarter than ever. Deep neural networks analyse anything that moves in the scene, determining to a high degree of accuracy whether recording and notifications should be triggered. This can reduce or even eliminate false-positive triggers, giving you a much higher detection accuracy.
Learn more about SecuritySpy's AI-powered motion detection.

H.265 (HEVC) support

H.265 is an ultra-efficient video encoding format used by newer IP cameras. Compared to H.264, it can reduce your network bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 50%. Just like with H.264, SecuritySpy uses hardware acceleration to process incoming H.265 video data, giving you low CPU usage on modern Mac hardware.

HomeKit integration

Trigger recording and schedules from HomeKit events, or set rules to control HomeKit accessories in response to camera motion detection (learn more about HomeKit and SecuritySpy).

Automatic HTTPS certificate generation

All secure web servers require an HTTPS certificate to identify the server. SecuritySpy 5 automates this process for its built-in web server by obtaining a certificate from Let's Encrypt, an open certificate authority. This gives you an official HTTPS certificate instantly, with no configuration and no cost.

Metal-accelerated video display

SecuritySpy 4 uses OpenGL for video display to the screen; this allows it to run on older macOS system versions, however OpenGL has now been officially discontinued by Apple in favour of Metal, which is Apple's new ultra-fast graphics framework. The video display code in SecuritySpy 5 has been completely re-written for Metal, providing significantly higher performance and lower CPU usage, with the ability to display high numbers of simultaneous video feeds at high frame rates.

Browser improvements

The Browser is designed for easy playback of captured footage, and version 5 delivers multiple improvements, including the ability to add bookmarks and tag files with Finder colours.

New Dashboard feature

The new Dashboard displays graphs of various performance metrics, giving you insights into how your system is performing. Use the Dashboard to track CPU usage, data rates, drive performance, and memory usage over time.

Dark mode support

SecuritySpy 5 supports Dark Mode for both macOS and web user interfaces.

Full List of Improvements

  • AI-powered smart motion detection for exceptional detection accuracy and elimination of false triggers (learn more)
  • H.265 HEVC support for high-efficiency streaming and recording
  • Support for automatically obtaining "Let’s Encrypt" SSL certificates for the secure web server (learn more)
  • Metal support for ultra-high-performance video display
  • Dashboard feature for display of performance metrics
  • Browser bookmarks, for easy annotation of recorded footage
  • Browser file tagging, with Finder integration
  • Dark mode support, including for the web interface
  • User interface improvements

If you have any questions about the new software that aren't answered here, feel free to email us.