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Reolink RLC-823A working with latest firmware

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Hi all,

I just wanted to drop a line and say that I just got a Reolink RLC-823A in. It's working great with SecuritySpy using the latest firmware (v3.1.0.956_22041511_v1.0.0.30). After upgrading it, I had to go turn ONVIF on in the camera settings. After that, everything works.

I know Reolink isn't a favorite here, but this camera is pretty full featured for its price, so it's hard to pass up.


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    Better off with any Amcrest IMHO

    but good on you for getting it working!

  • BenBen
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    This is very useful to know - many thanks @boisy. It seems that newer Reolink cameras work much better than than older models, many of which had big problems producing valid RTSP streams.

  • I've been playing with this camera for a few days and have it set up remotely at a construction site that I'm monitoring.

    It continues to perform pretty well with SecuritySpy. The only issue that I seem to have is that I am unable to hear audio (the camera is a two-way system with both a speaker and a microphone). The speaker icon doesn't appear at the top right window of the video for the camera. Ben, is this something that would be possible to support?

  • Camera-to-computer audio should certainly work, but not computer-to-camera audio (this is currently supported for Axis, Dahua, Hikvision and Amcrest cameras only).

    Do you have audio set to "This network device" in SecuritySpy under Preferences > Cameras > Audio?

    Are there any audio settings available on the camera? Is this turned on? What audio encoding settings are available (e.g. G.711, PCM, AAC etc.)?

  • Hi Ben,

    The Audio device pop-up is set to "This network device" for this camera.

    I looked in the camera settings and sure enough, the audio recording was turned off. Flipping that switch did it, and now I can hear audio :)

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Great to hear that, I'm sure this information will be useful for other users too.

  • Thanks Ben. I also sent you a PM regarding this. Please check.

  • Just a 'me too' post:

    I bought a RLC-822A in the fall of 2021and it was terrible at first. Once I got a newer firmware, it worked great with SecuritySpy. The camera view is a second or two behind the others, but I think that's just due to the higher bandwidth or maybe the H265 processing time.

    That said, I might try out a Hikvision next instead of getting another Reolink. The ColorVu feature looks impressive.

  • Hi @Gus great to hear that, thanks for the useful feedback.

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