New Error appears after update to latest version
  • I am now getting this emailed to me

    Error deleting old files from volume "G-RAID Thunderbolt 3" 5.3.2,24770,16881 Bad disk capacity, please replace/reformat this disk.

    I have a 12TB external drive with 4TB free. First aid reports no problems.


  • Hi Dave,

    In 5.3.2 we added an additional checks on disk free space values, because we have seen cases where disks report invalid information. For example, we have seem some disks report free space larger than the total capacity of the disk. When SecuritySpy encounters this, it now stop deleting files for safety reasons, to avoid deleting more files than it should.

    To find out what values the disk is reporting, please email us and include SecuritySpy's debug file (SecuritySpy menu > Debug > Create Debug File On Desktop) and we will be able to advise you further.
  • I wanted to share that I got this error also. I'm planning to use a 265GB flash card inserted in the back of my iMac for camera storage. The SecuritySpy debug file was reporting:

    255.837 GB total; 255.983 GB free; 255.983 GB available; hfs (ERROR 16881 OBTAINING DISK INFO)

    ...and as Ben points out, this is a case of "available" being larger than "total", in this case by .145GB.

    I copied some files onto the volume. This reduced the available space, obviously, and now SecuritySpy is allowing me to make it the default location. Hope it keeps working! I set "Delete old files by available space" to .3GB for a little bit of margin.

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