How to set up new camera
  • I've just installed a Foscam FI9821W camera and is running with the Foscam client successfully. I'm trying to set up Security spy to recognize it. What do I put in the field "Address" in the Video setup panel? Thanks.
  • Hi, each camera has an IP address on your network - this is the address you must enter into SecuritySpy. For more information please see the camera setup section of our Installation Manual.
  • Yes I did that. But all i get is a blue panel with an x in it.
  • Please email us and send screenshots of the relevant settings windows (Video Device Settings in SecuritySpy, camera settings pages when you connect to the camera at its IP address using a web browser).

    To capture a screenshot, press command-shift-4 and select the area you want to capture. A file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop.

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