notifications have stopped
  • I no longer get notifications of motion detection. Not sure how to fix this. Using iOS.

    Any suggestions?
  • Just found this..

    I will give it a go when I am home

    There are no known problems with the notification system to our iOS SecuritySpy app (or to the Remote Patrol or Spyglass iOS apps). We have tested this thoroughly. Here are the troubleshooting tips for this problem, even if you have tried these already I would recommend going through them again:

    - Make sure there is no connection-blocking software installed on the Mac running SecuritySpy (e.g. "Little Snitch").

    - Make sure there is no firewall that blocks outgoing connections to the Internet, either on the Mac running SecuritySpy or on the router.

    - On the iOS device, go to Settings, scroll down to SecuritySpy (or Remote Patrol or Spyglass, depending on which app you are using), and make sure that notifications are allowed. You should turn on all options here ("Allow Notifications", "Sounds", "Show on Lock Screen" etc.).

    - In SecuritySpy, hold the alt (option) key and click on the File menu. From the Debug submenu, select the "Check For Updated iOS Notification Certificates" option.

    - Again from the Debug submenu, select the "Clear All iOS Notification Devices" option.

    - Go to the iOS app and turn off, then turn on, notifications for the camera(s).

    - In SecuritySpy, make sure that Actions mode is armed for the camera(s).

    - Check the log (File menu -> Open Log) for any error messages relating to notifications.
  • To add to this, issue is not fixed. The above did not work and there are no errors in the log file. Another post suggested that having the ios app closed allowed for notifications but this did not work for me.

    Also I do not receive email alerts but do have setting for the mac mini to play a sound if there is motion and that works...
  • One other thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    Have you been through the above list of troubleshooting tips one by one? Once all these have been checked, I really can't think of anything else that would prevent notifications from working.
  • I was having this same problem too and I’m running the latest version of security spy. When I updated my iOS to 12 this past week the notifications stopped working.

    I was finally able to fix it by going to the necurity spy iOS app and selecting a camera and tapping the cog on the bottom right panel. An option pops up to “enable notifications” this had been checked prior to the iOS update but it was disabled. After re-enabling it my notifications appear as normal! Hope this helps!

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