Video playing back at double speed?
  • Hi, has anyone had an issue whereby on playing back a recorded file, it plays back at twice the normal speed?
  • What version of SecuritySpy are you using? The current version (4.x) always records real-time movies. Previous versions of SecuritySpy had an option to record time lapse movies that play back faster than real time.

    Also what software are you using for playback?
  • It's 3.4.7, looks like they're playing back just using quicktime on the Mac. Video is playing back at double speed, but with normal speed audio...
  • Hi - please check the "playback frame rate" under Camera Settings -> Continuous Capture. If this is specified, the movies will play back at a different rate than the rate at which they are captured.

    If this is not the problem, try the latest 3.x version of SecuritySpy, available from the previous versions of SecuritySpy page.

    Version 3.x is old and no longer supported, so if the above don't help, then I'm afraid there will be nothing further we can do to resolve this problem for you. You may wish to find out more about upgrading to SecuritySpy version 4.

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