Spyglass settings
  • I have big problem setting up Spyglass on my iPhone. They ask for:
    Server Name?
    Server address?
    Port, that I know
    Username and password (assume camera's?)

    Tried everything with no luck. where do I find the correct Server name and Server address?
    My two Dahua 4330 are excellent and the software is Super

  • Hi Bulent,

    I'm assuming you want to use Spyglass to connect to SecuritySpy over the internet? In that case, please follow our Remote Monitoring setup guide in the SecuritySpy Installation Manual. This setup requires a bit of configuration of your Mac and router, but we have tried to lay everything out as simply and clearly as possible. The details that Spyglass needs are:

    Server name: this is purely as a reference for yourself in the Spyglass app, in case you have more than one SecuritySpy server. Enter whatever name you like.

    Server address: this is SecuritySpy's DDNS address (see link above).

    Port: by default SecuritySpy uses 8000 for HTTP and 8001 for HTTPS (see link above).

    Username/password: this is the login for SecuritySpy that you set up in the Accounts settings in SecuritySpy (see link above).

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Ben,
    I had good connection to my iPhone and iPad with SpyGlass for a while. Now I'm getting white screen with broken chain link on all cameras. I have green check mark by the address:

    Have no idea what happened?
  • Hi Bulent,

    I can't seem to ping your server on any of the standard ports, so it looks like the problem lies with your server rather than Spyglass. Please try restarting the SecuritySpy Mac and also restarting your internet router. Does that resolve the problem?
  • I just did all that and no change? Still green check mark, but no image.

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