Foscam FI9831W Setup Issues
  • Hi - I have this wifi camera that I am having issues setting up. I selected the Device type as the Foscam FI9802W and got it working, but the picture is always green and not showing.

    I realize this might be in the actual camera setting to lower the fps, but I did this and still no luck

    Any input would be great to fix this

  • Hi - unfortunately this camera isn't on our official list of supported cameras because we've seen so many problems with the H.264 Foscam camera lineup. Here are a few things to try:

    - Update the camera's firmware to the latest version.

    - Reduce the camera's frame rate (try 5fps)

    - Make sure the camera is set to VBR (Variable Bit Rate) compression, not CBR (Constant Bit Rate), otherwise reducing the frame rate will have no effect on the bit rate.

    - Try connecting the camera using wired ethernet rather than wirelessly.

    Does this help?

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