theft and video recording
  • Hello!
    I'm new of this forum but I've a serious problem:
    Tonight someone broke a door in a our customer pub and steal all present cash and also external hard drive of the iMac which was doing video surveillance recording with SecuritySpy.
    Now a strange thing happens, the iMac has an internal 250GB hard drive and il free only for 8GB that is not normal because data on hard drive is only 40GB. May be that SecuritySpy recorder video on internal hard drive after that the external one was disconnected in a brute way?
    In to the standard folder there is no video file only empty folder.
    If you can help me may be that we can see thieft and show them to the police.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Andrea,

    Sorry to hear of your break-in. When the external drive is disconnected, SecuritySpy will indeed switch to the internal drive, however this may take a short amount of time (an error will be generated as the system tells SecuritySpy that there is a problem with the external drive; SecuritySpy will then look for the drive for a few seconds; it will then give up and switch to the internal drive), so you may or may not find some useful recordings of the event on the internal drive.

    If you open SecuritySpy's Browser feature (via the Browser menu), do you see any of the video files displayed there? The Browser will look for files on the internal drive, so if the files exist then they will be displayed.

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