Change camera number
  • Hi,
    is there any way to change the camera number of one or more webcam?
    I use some applescript to automatize my webcam, but, if i unplug and reconnect a webcam, securityspy change the number of it and then i have to modify my applescript every time..

    active mode camera number 0


    active mode camera number 0 -> no camera number exist

    because camere number now is 1..

    Help me please!

  • Hi Martin,

    Sorry but there is no way to change the camera number.

    However, camera numbers should remain constant. If you unplug and replug the camera, SecuritySpy should keep the same camera number. There must be a reason for the change (perhaps the driver software is reporting to SecuritySpy a new name or ID of the camera after it has been disconnected and replugged).

    Can you please tell me what make/model of camera you are using, and what version of SecuritySpy?
  • Camera model: Webcam C170
    Version of SecuritySpy: 3.3
    Perhaps the only thing I did was reconnect to a USB port different from the previous one...
  • As a UVC camera, the C170 will be using the driver software built into OS X. This driver software provides to application software such as SecuritySpy a "unique ID" which is supposed to uniquely identify each camera. However it is plausible that this ID might change if you plug the camera into a different USB port. If you unplug it and replug it into the same port, does SecuritySpy maintain the camera number (which would indicate that it recognises it as the same camera with the same ID)?
  • Thanks,
    reconnect to the old usb port, the camera number come back to the original one.


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