Foscam FI8910W 2 way Audio
  • Ben when do you think we can have $(subject) working for these cameras?

    currently the driver only support video, pan&tilt but not audio nor zoom
    I am not particularly interested in zoom but 2 way audio would be great
  • While we are definitely going to implement 2-way audio for many cameras soon (starting with Axis), there is unfortunately never going to be audio support for the MJPEG Foscam cameras. This is because the only way to receive audio from these cameras is via a Microsoft-proprietary ASF format stream, which SecuritySpy doesn't support because it's not a standard format for IP cameras, and practically no other camera lineup uses it. And because there is not going to be camera->computer audio support for these Foscam cameras, there doesn't seem much point in us implementing computer->camera audio for them. Sorry I couldn't give you better news!

    As for the lack of Zoom, SecuritySpy only supports controlling the zoom on cameras that have optical zoom - not digital zoom, which really isn't very useful. The FI8910W doesn't have optical zoom.

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