Bandwidth issues
  • I'm running SecuritySpy on a Mac Mini with six cameras (three of them 720p and three 640x480, all set at 10 frames per second). Currently these cams and the Mac Mini are all connected via my home wifi. Trouble is, it's slowing my Internet access down to a crawl.

    If I were to install ethernet cabling throughout my house (cable modem > Airport Extreme > ethernet switch > 6 ethernet ports), would that take a load off of my Internet connections (several computers and iPads connecting via wifi)? Would I need to connect the Mac Mini to that ethernet array, or could all of the cameras connect via ethernet to my Airport Extreme, which would then connect to the Mac Mini/SecuritySpy via wifi?

    The data cable companies that have been through the house to give me an estimate on the work are trying to upsell me to an NVR box. Can I fix my bandwidth issues without having to buy an NVR and scrap my investment in SecuritySpy?
  • Hi xrayspecs - see my reply to your other forum post about this.

    The cameras will be maxing out your WiFi connection, which is causing the slowdown. It's not affecting the internet connection per se, just the WiFi network, but one symptom will be that the internet will appear to be very slow simply because there's no more room on the network for it. Connecting everything to a wired ethernet switch will solve this issue. See my other post and let me know what you think!

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