Creating a secure hardware solution?
  • Hi all

    I've been using security spy a while and have just moved from livecams pro on my iPhone to Remote patrol.
    I like the software and it runs well on my MAC, but after installing a new Hikvision camera I started to look at
    my set up which led to looking at NVR's then Sonology NAS solutions which don't appear to work well with MACs
    for viewing.

    So I returned back to keeping my current setup but making the storage of files more secure.
    I guess like most people my MAC mini sits under the TV performing both media and security duties.
    I'd guess if anyone breaks in one of the first to go would be the Bluray, TV and the MAC.
    I do sync the movies to my BOX account but that takes time and it would be more than likely
    in a real break in the files would not be transferred by time the cables are removed from the MAC.

    I can put a network switch and remote NAS in the loft, but the mini has to stay by the TV.

    So the question is, what is the best installation to ensure you have a current file in another
    NAS with FTP transfer, Use a hidden NAS for capture?

    Options please guys

    Many Thanks Phil
  • Hi Phil,

    I would say the best solution is a hidden NAS that SecuritySpy captures directly to. FTP transfer takes more time because it only happens at the end of the capture, so with direct storage to a NAS this will make it much more likely you'll have some useful video footage of the break-in in the scenario you describe.

    Any NAS that support AFP (Apple File Protocol) should work well. Apple's AirPort Time Capsule is a safe bet but there are cheaper alternatives out there if you don't need all the features that the time capsule provides (Synology is a good name that I hear a lot).

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Ben

    I was thinking of one of these

    I live in a bungalow with dry lined walls so hidden cabling is easy.
    Think long term i'll do a project to put my Router, NAS, Network Switch and Visonic Alarm on a panel in the loft. Easy access and its all hidden away......
    As the MAC gets older it could retire to the loft as a camera server.
  • Yes, the Synology DS114 should certainly do the job. I hope the install goes smoothly, it certainly sounds like you have everything worked out!

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