ACTI E82 frame rate, only 3fps
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    Good day to all-

    I'm brand-new to all of this.

    For my first camera, I bought the ACTI E82: 3 megapixel, dual stream, WDR... seemed like a good camera for my front door… But I cannot get it to to have a frame rate higher than 3fps. This camera supports ONVIF, but if I choose that… I get no picture.

    Video Device Settings: there's only one profile for ACTI and if I use anything besides JPEG HTTP for format, I don't see a picture.

    If I configure the camera directly, from my web browser, and encoded to H.264… The next time I log on directly, it appears that security spy has reconfigured the E 82 to MJPEG. What's very frustrating, since I'm not using Windows Internet Explorer, I can't see the video stream in my web browser... So the only video stream I see… Is within Security Spy and it is Passive-3fps.

    I am probably so ignorant that I haven't given enough information for anyone to be helpful… But just let me know and I'll see if I can come up the info.

    Thanks in advance, the help is really appreciated… We're having a rash of burglaries in the area.


    My response is that unfortunately the ACTi E-series cameras produce H.264 video that is not QuickTime compatible, therefore SecuritySpy cannot use the H.264 stream from this camera. This is why we only show JPEG support for these cameras on our list of supported cameras. SecuritySpy does indeed therefore set the camera to JPEG mode (this is required because if it's set to the wrong mode, it won't send any video). However you should certainly be getting more than 3fps. Have you tried both the HTTP and RTSP streaming formats (selectable in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy)? Also, are there any other settings in the camera's web interface related to limiting the frame rate or the data rate that might cause this?

    One other thing to check is that your camera is using the latest firmware from ACTi, and update it if there is a newer version available.
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your reply. I had tried your suggestions, but none of them worked. ACTi tech support confirmed "a" incompatibility with quicktime for me today... Nice camera, but I've sent it back.

    I should've looked closer at the supported camera list details.

    I think I'm going to try the Hikvision DS-2CD2032 4mm, but I'm a little concerned about having to manipulate the fixed IP address with the Mac.

    Your program looks wonderful, I just hope I'll be able to figure out all the mapping and DNS… You certainly have documented it very well.


  • Hi Jay, good choice, it's a nice camera. According to the user manual, the camera has a fixed IP address of So you will need to set your computer to an address on this subnet temporarily (e.g. in order to access the camera at (also try as the user manual suggests it might use port 8000). Then you can assign the camera an IP on your network and restore your Mac's network settings to their previous values.

    See our Installation Manual page Setting up network cameras, specifically the "Cameras with a fixed address by default" section.

    We are always on hand by email if you have difficulties.
  • Jay, I have 2x hikvision 2032 cameras and 2x hikvision 2432
    Setting them up shouldn't be a problem, but these cameras also seem to do something weird with their h264 encoding, resulting in a loss of packets every now and then.
    See the thread titled "Need help understanding error messages" in this forum for more info.
    I'm still testing out different settings, and I'm hopefull to get this resolved.
    Just thought I'd post this warning in case you haven't yet purchased this camera.
  • Yes sorry, Pete is correct, this Hikvision camera may have problems that we are currently investigating. We have some other camera recommendations you could consider.
  • Pete… Thanks so much for the heads up!

    I don't think I'm even going to open it when it comes from Amazon today… I've been living in DropCam alarm hell for the last year and that's the main impetus to making the upgrade to SecuritySpy… an alarm has got to mean something more than my Golden Retriever is just stretching.

    Ben-I saw your recommended cameras list, do you think this newer Dahua HFW4300S 3.6mm ( will be compatible with SS ?



  • Hi Jay - sorry if you've ordered the Hikvision cameras already. You might have better luck with them than Pete so if you have them already and there is no downside in trying them out you might like to give it a go. But it's certainly possible that you'll experience the same problems so if it's easier to return the box unopened then go ahead and do that.

    We haven't heard of any problems with Dahua cameras, and we haven't yet come across a Dahua model that doesn't work with SecuritySpy, so I think it's safe for you to go ahead and order the IPC-HFW4300S model.

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