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Home automation

Do you use any sort of smart/home automation software or devices Ben?


  • BenBen
    edited February 12

    Yes, we use a bunch of HomeKit devices, both for testing and for practical use in our own office SecuritySpy system. Mainly power sockets, switches, window sensors and lightbulbs. You may have seen this already, but there is further information in user manual under Home Integration.

    It's a bit of shame that the range of devices on the market that are fully HomeKit compatible is still a bit limited. This is where something like Homebridge can be useful, allowing you to add devices that are not otherwise HomeKit-compatible. Homebridge is easy to set up and reliable, but I think it's worth trying to find a fully native HomeKit solution first, to avoid the need for such unofficial add-ons if at all possible.

  • How about the home assistant or indigo plugin for security spy?

  • BenBen
    edited February 13

    Yes I should have mentioned these. The Indigo plugin for SecuritySpy works great and is well maintained. There is also a SecuritySpy Home Assistant plugin and a SecuritySpy Control4 driver. Note that these are all third-party plugins that we didn't create ourselves - while we have heard from many users that have had success with them, we can't guarantee their quality or provide support for them. But we definitely appreciate the work done by the creators of these plugins to allow SecuritySpy to integrate into these systems!

  • Yeah im trying to mess around with the indigo one. But the developer hasnt added animal and his plugin isnt finding the Securityspy scripts to use them. But developer switched to blue iris i think so doesnt really update his SS plug in anymore.

  • I've finally started digging into Home Assistant integration for Security Spy after using Frigate for a bit. The SS integration is fantastic so far. Besides the fact that the ML on SS is way better than Frigate's base model, the integration is so easy to use to create automations.

    For example, if Vehicle detected on driveway camera then play text-to-speech on HomePod "There's a car coming down the driveway."

    Frigate is a touch better in that you can create zones and then in HA you can listen for the order of the MQTT data. For example if a Vehicle enters Zone_entry and then Zone_park then the car is coming into the driveway (and can adjust speech accordingly) vs if Vehicle enters Zone_park and then hits Zone_entry which indicate car is leaving driveway.

    I think this can be done, albeit less gracefully, by adding a duplicate camera in SS and adding a motion mask in each (opposite zones) and then building a script in HA to listen for the order of entry, but I haven't tried this yet.

  • Im just trying to get my lights to turn red at night if a human detected xD so it can creep people out.

  • edited February 13

    Ah. I'd do that in HomeKit using the SS helper app.

  • i only saw it let me turn a light on pr off not change color

  • There's a couple ways I'd skin that cat.

    Not sure if you're using Home Assistant or Home Bridge, but with those you create a dummy switch (or input boolean). Then you expose that dummy switch to HomeKit and it shows up in the Helper app. You set an automation in HomeKit that when switch goes on, it changes the color of the light, wait 5 min, and then switch it back to normal. You could name that switch "Person detected on X camera" so that it's easy to find and map in the Helper app.

    Without either of those two services, you can use a "spare" smart outlet to be the physical dummy switch.

  • I was planning on doing it in indigo, but im on 😓trial and I need to decide if I want to pay 200 dollars for a 1 year license. Because for all I know one update could break the security spy plugin. And I didn't really wanna mess with home bridge or home assistant.

  • What I described above doesn't need the Indigo plugin. I have never used Indigo, but you can probably create the dummy switch in there. And sounds like Indigo works with HomeKit.... which is what gets controlled by Security Spy Helper app.

    Of course, if there's a plugin that does more, that's a great. But even if it breaks, the above recipes are independent of Indigo.

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