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Snooze Notifications

Hi Ben

Within the SecuritySpy App, would it be possible to have the ability to ‘Snooze Notifications’ for any given camera for say 1, 2, or 3 hours rather than just clicking ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ notifications.

This would be really helpful to avoid my watch and phone constantly pinging when working in garden, etc. or me having to remember to turn notifications back on. Thanks.


  • Yes - in the SecuritySpy iOS app, tap on the camera in question to view its live video full screen. At the bottom you will see "C", "M" and "A" indicators, which represent Continuous-Capture, Motion-Capture, and Actions respectively. Tap on the A indicator, select "Set Override" and choose "Unarmed for 2 Hours". This is a temporary override for the duration selected here; afterwards, the camera's Actions mode will revert to its usual schedule.

  • Ah, perfect. Thanks Ben.

  • Since this actually surpasses the action alert, would it also not record the motion as an object identified? I'd rather just slide the notification left on iOS and silence the notification for 30 min (while keeping the actions working).

  • Hi @jimmyjohnson - Actions mode (which includes notifications) is independent from Motion Capture mode (which does recording). So you can set an override for one and it won't affect the other. But you make a good point that another way to temporarily mute the notification is to left-swipe on one, tap Options, and then you have the iOS default options to "Mute for 1 Hour" or "Mute for Today".

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