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Some Time Lapses Made Possible With Security Spy

edited January 30 in SecuritySpy

A bit more fun with by-catches from our Security Spy system. Downloaded hourly, continuous capture files and processed them into time lapses.

First is about 8 hours from a crop of a 2MP Empire Tech IPC-B52IR-Z12E S2 (a reputable Dahua rebrand). Only about the top 60% of frame was used for the time lapse. Hence, downrez to 1080P

Next is roughly 10 hours from 5MP fixed focus Dahua IPC-HDW5541H-AS-PV (also from Empire Tech). Larger portion of frame used. So, I did not downrez to 1080P

Having continuous capture in addition to motion captures has made some fun and unique time lapses possible. We are well past the age when one needs to restrict to only motion caps. Drive space is readily expanded these days. Currently have 40 TB dedicated to Security Spy.


  • These are fantastic - thanks for posting. What an amazing view you have!

  • @guykuo I've recently been checking out those cameras given their great aperture size. I am in awe of the quality of that 5MP camera. The WDR is stunning. Is that your favorite camera ever?

    I've been really wanting Axis cameras, but can't afford as many as I need. This footage helps me forget Axis exists.

  • Jimmy,

    Actually, my favorite cameras currently are 4 MP Dahua units with 1/1.8” sensors. I purchase them from a trusted importer (Empire Tech / Andy Wong). These are a huge upgrade even from the older generation 5MP that took the prior videos. The series 3 sensors are a game changer

    The 5XXX series cameras hit the current sweet spot for resolution and light sensitivity. The bullet version has the higher light gathering and zoom capability.

    Varifocal Turret

    EmpireTech IPC-T54IR-ZE-S3 1/1.8" CMOS 4MP IR Starlight Vari-Focal Turret Security Camera


    EmpireTech IPC-B54IR-Z4E-S3 1/1.8" CMOS 4MP WDR IR Built-In Mic AI Network Bullet Camera With 8mm–32mm 

    In particular, the IPC-B54IR-Z4E-S3 is a game changer for license plate capture.

    Here are some more recent captures with the EmpireTech IPC-T54IR-ZE-S3. They are a step up from the ones taken with my older Z12 1st generation and 5MP cameras. 

    Double Rainbow

    Fog Burnoff

  • Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

    After 10 years of surveillance camera purchasing and using, I am just now starting to really understand the different value propositions of sensor, aperture, focal length for use around the house.

    I have several locations where I want a good overview, but there are a few "pinch points" where I would like to be able to identify.

    Where does your 4MP camera with 8mm-32mm stand? The varifocal lens means that you can do either?

  • That varifocal turret is at about 20 mm (rough estimate)

    It's at 67% zoom in adjustment range in the controls settings.

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