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Server API - Auth Tokens from URL Generator - Can they be used beyond camera stream resources ?


I am successfully using the "&auth=token" for camera specific resources for streaming so that I do not need to authenticate separately or with the "UID:PW@FQDN" syntax.

Can the auth token be used with other camera resources such as setting a schedule ? I am trying to do an API call from a home automation platform to set schedules for the C,M,A on cameras.

The URL generator asks for streaming or still resource, so I am guessing maybe the auth tokens only for streams or stills ?




  • Hi Brendan, while these auth tokens would work with any resource, currently the URL Generator generates URLs for streaming only, and this is the only way to generate these tokens at this time. The solution is to use the other method described under "Authentication in URL" in the Web Server Spec document. Since this method actually encodes the username/password into the URL, I would recommend setting up a special web account for this, which is limited to just the permissions you want to allow (don't use an administrator account).

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