External Hard Drive
  • How do you configure SS to store the video on an external hard drive?
  • This setting is called "Capture destination" - it is set on a per-camera basis and it is at the bottom of the Setup section of the Camera Settings window. Simply select the external drive for any camera you want to set this for, and SecuritySpy will automatically create sub-folders on the drive for each camera.
  • 10 days ago, SS stopped recording on the external hard drive. log report shows:

    2014-10-13 2226-14: Error finding the capture destination for the camera "TC2" - the default destination will be used instead (within the Documents folder) 3.1.1,10,-35 No such volume

    the volume does exists and I confirmed the settings of the camera. but still no recordings. How do get this to work. I even tried to the reset button & reentered the destination to no avail.
  • Also, the cameras won't change out of passive mode
  • This error indicates that the drive disappeared and SecuritySpy could no longer find it. This happens with external drives sometimes, and doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the drive itself (though it could if you see this message frequently).

    When this happens, SecuritySpy will switch to recording to the Mac's startup drive. If the external drive comes back online again, SecuritySpy will switch back to it.

    If you are having problems, please restart your Mac, and then make sure that SecuritySpy is set to capture to the external drive (via the Setup section of the Camera Settings window).
  • thank you. after restarting the SS it started working fine.
  • Does anyone have a quick solution on how to just set up an external hard drive for a newbie? Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Hi Christopher,

    If it's a new disk it'll probably have a PC format, so you'll first have to format it for usage on a Mac. Open the Disk Utility app from your /Applications/Utilities/ folder, select the disk on the left, and click the "Partition" tab on the right. For the Partition Layout, select "1 Partition", and for the Format, select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Click the Options button and make sure that the partition scheme is set to "GUID Partition Table". Then click the "Apply" button:


    You now have a newly-formatted disk that you can point SecuritySpy to. Open the Camera Settings window, and for each camera that you want recorded to the disk, under the "Capture destination" setting, click the Set button and choose the disk.
  • I want to buy an external drive for SecuritySpy captures. Do you think a wireless SSID would be suitable, e.g. the Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB or would the wireless connection be too slow for video?

    The benefit of a small factor wireless external drive is that I can hide it.

    Thank you.
  • Hi @Tea_Leaf I would not recommend a WiFi drive - WiFi is simply too slow and unreliable for continuous video capture.

    If you want the drive far away from the Mac, then an ethernet-connected NAS drive is your best option. Otherwise, go for USB or Thunderbolt.
  • Just bought a 3TB Buffalo USB3 on Amazon, seems to be working fine.

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