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How to add Camera with multiple channels.

I have a Hikvision DS-2SE4C425MWG-E which provide 2 camera channels. one for PTZ and another is fix wide angle. It's 2 Camera in one body. I wish to add 2 camera for each channel but can't find the way. Please advice


  • Dont use just add the camera twice in securityspy. And choose stream 1 for one then choose stream 2 for the other. (The yellow highlight in screenshot)

  • Thank you. killerdan56

    I try changing stream number but it's the same channel with different bitrate. I'm afraid that Hikvision do it another way.

  • so it shows the same camera view for both cameras in SS? how bout u post a ss of your cameras settings from Securityspy

  • 😅 @kappa12 it's work like you said. that's my fault, thanks you very much

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