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Recommended doorbell cam

I have a couple of EZVIZ doorbell cams that work fine with their app. However, while they worked previously with SS, now SS cannot access them. AFAIK nothing in my setup or the cameras had changed, but clearly something did. They use the Hikvision profile. I rah through the profile tester in SS and apparently nothing else came up. So as far as SS goes, they are dead.

Rather than continuing to pull my hair out, at this point I'd prefer to simply replace them. I was thinking the Eufy would be a good next choice but would appreciate input to help pick new doorbell cams. It would also be nice to be able to trigger a mechanical doorbell or signal a relay for my home automation, in addition to just getting an image.


  • did you update the firmware ?

    Since last firmware updates, rtsp is disabled on all ezviz cam. You need to turn it on in the application.

  • Probably just like pgh says, the RTSP protocol got disabled. Reactivate RTSP and you're probably back in action.

    If not, I've had good results with the REOLINK Video Doorbell PoE Camera in a friend's install. The hardest part was replacing the existing wire with new ethernet cabling. It's pretty decent for a doorbell camera and only about $90 including the wireless chime.

    BTW, you don't actually need their app. All the controls are available on camera's web interfaced. You must enable the RTSP video protocol in its controls. Default is with that disabled.

    Also, plan on getting an additional wedge for its mounting base to get a good angle. I ended up 3D printing one for my friend.

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