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Noob Networking Help

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My setup has been working great for many year but had to change my network configuration.

My eero is now behind my xfinity x1 gateway and I can't confiure the forwarding correctly. Before I was hooked to x1 directly and forwading was no problem. I tried forwarding port 8001 from x1 to eero and then from erro to my computer to no avail. Not sure if the x1 needs a setting change (bridge mode) or what I need to do. Any help is really appreciated

edit...somehow one camera is working, but the others are not. I think they all have new ip address 192.168.4 vs 192.168.1) and don't show as on my network, but not entirely sure how to fix this at the moment


  • Updated. Solved

    Once I realized the issue with the IP address tried to get eero to assign 192.168.1 address. I tried and was told by tech support this was not possible. Rebooted eero into bridge mode and connected to cameras to assign new address. Switched back out of bridge mode and now it all works.

    I have been using sthe same setup for ten years and the fact I barely remember how to do all this is a testament to how stable this system is. I never need to mess with it.

  • Great to hear you managed to work this out.

    Generally, if you have two routers between the Mac and the Internet, one of them (usually the ISP's router) should be switched to bridge mode, as this makes the network setup far easier and avoids complicated port forwarding.

  • Thanks Ben. I will set bridge mode once I switch ISP's which this was step one of preparation for. Your continued support is always appreciated

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