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Remote viewing options and alternatives to opening up ports.

edited August 22 in SecuritySpy

SecuritySpy comes with a way to view footage and connect to your server from outside your home network.

This works fine.

For those that choose not to open ports on your router, you will have to run a VPN Server, or a Mesh VPN like TailScale, both of which also work, and do not require open ports. I've been using both of those methods for awhile. The problem is that unless you are logged into/connected to those VPN's, on your phone for example, you'll get notifications w/o a thumbnail, and wont be able to quickly connect to or view any cameras or captured footage, until you do connect. That is a big hassle when your phone is telling you a Human was detected in your driveway.

The newest options, are tunnels like those from Cloudflare Tunnels. I just set this up, and it's fantastic, and not just for SecuritySpy. I dont have to log into any VPN, or even install software on my phone, and I can access it via any browser anywhere, in addition to the phone. Again, no software install needed on the devices needing access.

What you do need is a Domain Name. I've had one for awhile, and CloudFlare Tunnels is the best use of it yet. I started with the video 1st in this list, and did everything based off that one video. The others might also help explain and give more details. Basically, if you're using a VPN now to access your cameras, have a look at this. Now when a notification comes in, thumbnails work, and tapping on it takes me straight to my server instance.



  • Hi Mark, this is a good summary, thanks for posting your experience.

    Users should also read our blog post on this topic, which provides very similar advice, and includes detailed setup instructions: Remote Access Without Port Forwarding.

  • In addition to CloudFlare's tunnel offering, I've used TailScale for this as well with great results. Because I didn't want to have to authenticate with CF every time I wanted to access (and I wouldn't leave the tunnel without any authentication), I set up a Tailscale network and leave my MacMini (running SS) with no key expiry. My phone connects to SS through the overlay network whenever I'm out of the house.

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