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How do I stop Security Spy from recording to my User folder?

I have had Security Spy set up for years to record to an external scratch drive. Should those drives not be available momentarily, SS records to my user folder instead. Is there a way to tell it never to do this? Is there an easy way to find out that this has happened? I just discovered the last 3 days of saves are in my user folder, thanks.


  • When a disk that is set as a capture destination disappears for any reason, SecuritySpy does switch to recording to the user folder on the system drive, as you have discovered. This is a failsafe so that recording will still take place. I doubt that many users would want recording to stop completely in this situation.

    When the external disk comes back online, SecuritySpy will automatically switch back to it.

    Probably the best thing to do here is to configure SecuritySpy to notify you when an error occurs (by adding your email address to the "Send error reports to" option in the Email settings). Then, when a disk goes offline, you will immediately be notified and you can take action to resolve the disk problem.

  • Thanks for the response Ben.

    I looked everything through and it seemed like setting an e-mail alert might be the only way, but in this case I was at the computer and aware when the hiccup happened, so it wouldn't have helped. I have never had it automatically go back to the desired disc when available- takes an application relaunch. Would be very nice if it did.

    In this particular instance for whatever reason it looks like one camera did go back to the desired disc (can't recall if I did something to make that happen) and the other didn't-- saved 3 days worth to the user folder.

    Seems like maybe a symbol in the camera window might be helpful to alert that the saves are going to the user folder? I never go into my user folder for anything so digging down into it to look for SS saves is a bit of a chore each time.

  • SecuritySpy should revert back to the disk when it reappears, but this may not happen immediately, depending on your recording settings. If a file is currently being captured, the file will continue at its current location until it completes naturally. The next file that is created should be back at the correct location. So, for example, if you are capturing day-long movies, it may take up to a day before all cameras have fully switched back to the external drive. Do you think this could explain the delay you are seeing before recording switches back to the correct location?

  • I have all my cameras set to start a new video every hour. Not sure why this isn't working the way it should.

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