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For the Home Assistant users out there... Home Assistant now allows deep linking to tvOS.

The 2023.7 release of Home Assistant now allows you to send deep links directly to tvOS so you can now powerfully and easily control the Security Spy app on the Apple TV. Here is a demo of a dashboard I made on my Stream Deck to control my Apple TVs in my office with Security Spy:

I haven't been able to get the multiplex deep link to work on my AppleTV yet though, I'm not sure if it's an issue with HA or if it simply doesn't work with Security Spy on Apple TV, but I'm following the schema exactly and it just takes me to the main camera selection window.

But this is the biggest improvement to my use case for Security Spy since I first started using it over a decade ago.


  • Very Cool! 😎

  • Not sure what I'm watching here.... Is this simply an automation?

    If push button A, then show view X on ATV?

    If push button B, then show view Y on ATV?

    I use HAOS but wasn't aware of this ability. Could I then create an automation that if virtual switch "car in driveway" triggered to on (from action alert in SS due to vehicle detected), then show camera "driveway" for 10 seconds on ATV:Office?

  • Yup, that’s exactly what you can do.

  • Got it installed. Thanks for the mention of this!

    Realized my ATVs are not listed as devices in HAOS. Hmmmm. The Apple TV integration only pulled in my HomePods. Is there another integration or do I need to fiddle with this integration? I set it up so long ago I can't remember if I excluded ATVs on purpose (but I don't see them in disabled list).

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