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Problem capturing HDR 4:2:2 content

edited June 2023 in SwiftCapture

I am using an escape 326XC capture interface and it does a great job with 1080 and 4K SDR content. The 326 is advertised as supporting 4K HDR, but all my attempts to capture 4K HDR content have left a SDR captured file.

I have tried saving with 'Video encoding for movies' set to H.264 high quality, H.265 high quality, and ProRes 422 HQ but the saved file is always SDR. Talking to the ezcap support staff, they say the capture software must record using "P010" and colour space 'Rec. 2100 PQ'.

Does Swift Capture allow P010 to be selected somehow?




  • Hi Graham, sorry but SwiftCapture currently does not support pixel formats with more than 8 bits per colour component (P010/P016), which is what you'd need for HDR recordings. We'll take a look at adding such support in the future.

  • Just wondering if you have looked at HDR recording yet, or if this is still a future possibility?

  • Sorry, there has been no progress on this, as our development efforts are focussed elsewhere for the time being.

  • Just checking in to see if there is any progress on 10-bit HDR support?

  • We do still plan to take a look at this at some point when we have development time available, but I'm afraid this is unlikely to happen in the near future, since this isn't an often-requested feature, and all our development time is currently focussed on our main product SecuritySpy.

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