Trial Version
  • Does the trial version allow remote connections? I am able to log into the server but I am unable to view video as it says I have no cameras to view. Consequently when I go into view captured files I am unable to view any.
    The status area shows as no active web connections even though I am connected.
    I am logging in via iphone using 3g/lte. Port forwarding on airport extreme is set up as PUBLIC UDP & TCP set at 8000 and Private UDP & TCP set to 8000. Private ip address is set to ip of iMac running SecuritySpy.
    Suspect I must have something incorrectly set-up somewhere.
  • the same result happens when I log directly to the local server ip address while iphone is in wifi mode. I get asked to enter username/password and see the same server page with 0 cameras available
  • There are no such limitations in the trial version - all features are available to try out.

    This sounds like a web server user permissions issue - see the web server section of the SecuritySpy user manual for instructions on how to set up permissions for web server users.
  • thanks for quick reply.
    well duh... I had set up the account but somehow not checked any of the specific permissions. All working now.

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