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SwiftCapture and DV camera

I've got an older DV camera - JVC GR-DA30U. Through a combination of cables and adapters to go from mini-DV to Thunderbolt/USB-C, I've connected it to a Thunderbolt port on my M1 MacStudio running MacOS 13.0.1. The camera is recognized in the System Report and in iMovie and Quicktime Player but not SwiftCapture 1.3.3. This combination previously worked on a 2015 MacBook Pro running MacOS 12.2.1. Wondering if there is an explanation and if it is possible that this could be addressed in a SwiftCapture update.


  • SwiftCapture 1.3.3 discontinued support for DV devices, because we have seen problems when using them, for example app freezes caused by accessing devices. DV tech is rather old now, and I think problems can be expected when using DV devices on newer Mac hardware and macOS systems. Still, if you want to test this, we have re-enabled DV support in the latest beta version of SwiftCapture. It will be useful to get your feedback on how well this works and whether you see any problems or if everything works smoothly for you, so please report back once you've had a chance to test.

  • Ben - I’ve done some limited testing with the beta, but from what I’ve seen, the DV support works fine - no issues noted.

  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back.

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