Audio with Ubiquiti Aircam Dome
  • Hello,

    I am new to Security Spy and installed the demo. I set up an AirCam dome w/ version 1.2 and initially the audio worked but then quit working.

    I played with some settings but can't seem to get it to function.

    Any ideas would be great - I am on the verge of buying but need audio!

  • Audio should certainly be working in SecuritySpy. A few things to check:

    - Make sure audio is enabled in the camera's settings (connect to it using a web browser).
    - Make sure you have selected the "Network audio" option as the audio input in the Camera Settings window in SecuritySpy.
    - Check the Camera Status window - if you see a small speaker icon there next to the camera, this means that audio is being received. Click on this speaker icon to play the live audio.

    If you are still having problems, please email us and attach the log file that you will find in the SecuritySpy folder within your Documents folder, as this should contain information about what error is occurring.
  • Thank you for the reply.

    I don't have "network audio" as an option.

    I will send the file ASAP. Thanks!

  • Hi Chris,

    If you are using the "Ubiquiti Aircam" profile for the camera in the Video Device Settings window, you should certainly have this "network audio" option - in fact it should be enabled by default. I'll check your email and have a look at the log file.
  • I am using "Ubiquiti Aircam" profile. I looked in the camera settings and there are three audio codecs available - uLAW, aLAW and AAC. It uses uLAW by default.
  • Chris - I think you must be using an older version of SecuritySpy. Please download the latest version of SecuritySpy from our web site. Once you've installed it, please check again for a "Network audio" option under Camera Settings -> Audio. Thanks.
  • KaPow!! That did the trick. Thank you so much! Chris
  • Great!
  • Just bought the 4 cam license. Thank you for your fast responses. Chris

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