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Virtual box

Has anybody run SS in a VM from a windows box? Thinking about ditching the mac and going PC again but would like to continue to use SS, hoping no performance or any other strange issues. Thanks


  • Some users have had good experience using "Hackintosh" units - see here for a discussion:

    I haven't heard of anyone running SecuritySpy under Windows in a VM, and I'm not sure how well this would work. SecuritySpy makes extensive use of Mac hardware, including the GPU, neural engine, accelerated encoding/decoding etc. and without these, you probably won't get very good performance.

    Overall, I would recommend keeping your Mac for SecuritySpy, or opting for an M1 Mac mini, which are very performant and great value.

  • I wouldn't run SecuritySpy in a VM - because making a hackintosh is not a lot of work and will perform better.

    I have SecuritySpy running on several hackintosh computers with stable results, but also on a Mac mini M1 with external SSD storage.

    The primary advantages of a hackintosh are the fact that you can configure the storage part as you want and the lower price to invest. A typical pc with i5-10400, 8GB, 120GB SSD and 2x 2TB storage can be build for under € 400 ... This pc can be used for over 50x 2K cameras... and when the harddrives are broken, you can simple replace them.

    If you want to go cheap, a used Dell Optiplex 3020 with i5-4590 and a new harddrive can be configured for around € 150 and can be used for about 30x 2K cameras (H.264).

    On the other hand a Mac mini M1 with external SSD storage is easy to use, has low energy usage and can be used for over 60 2K cameras.

    For more info for hackintosh, look on the website of tonymacx86

  • I have been running a hackintosh now for a few years (i5-8700K with 16 gig of ram). I'm just figuring this is the end of the road for my Hackintosh, & not sure if I really want to stay with a dedicated Mac. Currently I use it for SS/Plex/File storage/home assistant, & a few other programs. I would like to keep my 4 3 1/2 drives & maybe add a few more... External enclosures start getting pretty expensive & I can build a good PC for much less & build it myself... No easy upgrade path for my Hackintosh anymore... Too much of a pain at this point... Thanks for the advice.

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