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Hemispheric 360 cameras?

I'm considering springing for a hemispheric 360 deg (fisheye) camera. Is that going to work with S/S? I'm guessing the full image gets sent to the Mac. What about viewing that data?


  • Different panoramic cameras handle this in different ways, often with multiple simultaneous streams available. Often there is a full 180- or 360-degree image from the whole sensor. Then, some cameras provide de-warped versions of each quarter of their image, so that you can get 4 streams into SecuritySpy that look like 4 normal(ish) camera (I know that Axis panoramic cameras do this).

    Generally, I would say that with the distortion, limited resolution of each de-warped quadrant, and high cost of some of these panoramic cameras, it's often better to use multiple regular cameras instead.

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