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Zoom on subject in thumbnails

I noted that when I check the recordings on the phone app or remote into the server with the web interface that the thumbnails are zoomed into the part that triggered the recording. Is there a way to restore where the thumbnails are full view and not zoomed in. Just to note, the Apple TV app still shows the thumbnails full view, which I find easier to browse through. I would like to return to doing this on the iPhone and web interface as well.




  • Aint it in the first page of preferences(macOS) at the bottom.

  • Indeed it was! Thanks so much. I had truthfully looked. I mean, I've only been using security for 5 to 7 years.... lol. I truthfully glanced too quickly and was looking for a tick box, but the slider is much better.

    Thanks again! It only changed for me recently and I guess I overlooked the change.


  • Hi Marty, this is a new addition to the settings so it's understandable that you didn't see this before!

  • Thanks Ben. It’s a very nice addition to SecuritySpy. It’s good to have that option. Thanks for the continued addition of great features.


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    Greetings, all. Thank you for explaining this helpful new feature. In SS Preferences>General, I have set the "motion bounding box crop" to the full wide position. One of our cameras is monitoring a large parking lot. Using the web interface to review motion events, we are still seeing thumbnails zoomed in tightly, whereas we would prefer that each thumbnail show the entire wide view of the parking lot. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Hi. Friendly bump again in this thread, please, Ben. I have a client who logs into SS web interface by web browser many times a day. One of his cameras is an overview of a parking lot. When you see this camera's full view, you can instantly tell whether the lot's drive gate is open or closed. With the current zoomed thumbnails from motion events, he can't see what he needs in a glance, he has to play the movie to see if the gate was open or closed. At the Mac Mini>SS>Preferences>General> I have motion bounding box slider set all the way to Wide. Yet, we're still seeing zoomed thumbnails on the web page overview. Is there any way to get full width thumbnails? Would be helpful. Thanks very much.

    It's small scale but here is another example of the parking lot camera thumbnails. The second thumbnail is zoomed in on the drive gate in the upper right corner and the fifth thumbnail for some reason is displaying the full view parking lot, including the opened gate.

  • Be patient while he answers.😊

  • Thanks, Dan, definitely; more patience is a good thing. Meanwhile, super grateful for all the support here and I hope I’ve described and illustrated the challenge clearly enough. Cheers, all.

  • When we implemented this, I think we assumed everyone would want thumbnails that are zoomed, at least to some extent. The thumbnails are small (especially on iOS), and with wide-angled cameras, the motion could be very small in the frame, and therefore not very visible in a non-zoomed thumbnail image. But I understand your feedback and I agree that there should be an option to turn off the zoom if you so wish. I'll see if we can add this in the next update.

  • Thanks Ben for letting me know this is how it is supposed to work. The thumbnails on the Mac are wide, but very tight thumbnails on iOS. I do personally prefer the wider ones. Sometimes there are multiple points of motion and the thumbnail leaves out something because of being so cropped on iOS. I'm sure it's not a priority, but hopefully with time full non-cropped thumbnails can be an option.

    Even so, it's fine the way it is. I was mostly checking to see if I was doing something wrong since I have the thumbnails set to wide, and they still crop on iOS.

    Thanks for a great piece of software and your presence on the forums.


  • Hi Marty, thanks for your understanding and kind words about the software! You will (hopefully) be pleased to hear that in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.5.3b4), if you drag the thumbnail crop slider at Preferences > General all the way to the "Wide" side, you will now get full-sized images for the thumbnails. This affects iOS notifications as well as previews for captured files via the web interface and iOS/tvOS app. I hope this will now allow you to choose exactly the crop level you want.

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    Thanks Ben, and you're welcome, and yes, I'm very excited to see the changes. Thanks for the changes to implement this. And, I certainly understand. You made a good choice to have it small on iOS since the thumbnails are small. I had gotten used to the full preview and I do a quick scan, but truthfully, I had gotten used to the cropped in ones as well.

    I really use the iOS and Apple TV app. I probably use the Apple TV app more than the iPhone app as I keep some cameras up on a large TV and then scan through them. I rarely touch the server that SecuritySpy is running on, and spend far more time on the iOS parts of it.

    And, just a thanks to have so much control of SecuritySpy via the browser interface. It sure makes remote changes of settings easy. I have the server set up for remote access via bonjour, but mostly make changes via the web interface. Just a comment, I love the dashboard. I check it almost daily to see stats.

    Thanks again, Marty

  • Thanks for the detail about how you use the software, this is useful for us to know. Sometimes it's a bit tricky for us having to maintain three different interfaces (macOS, web, iOS) but we do know that some users predominantly operate the software via web/iOS while others predominantly use macOS, so all are important parts of the software and it's great to hear that you find all the web/iOS features useful!

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