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Storage optimisation / feature request

Good evening, 

I’ve been using Security Spy for over 7 years and currently my system consists of:

  • M1 MacMini 
  • dedicated Gigabit POE network
  • 8 Hikvision (H265 4MP@20FPS)
  • 9 Hikvision (H265 5MP@15FPS)
  • 1 Foscam (H264 3MP@20FPS)

Typically the resource usage is minimal and for storage I use:

  • 1 x 1TB WD SSD via USB 3 and this allows me to get 30 days of AI Events on all cameras. 

  • 1 x 1TB WD SSD via USB 3 to allow me Continuous recording on key cameras split into 1 hourly clips. 

To achieve this, I have duplicated cameras to allow continuous recording to a secondary destination. I have these duplicated cameras deselected in the web server settings. Initially I was of the impression that the duplicated cameras would cause minimal overhead from a decoding prospective due to Security Spy only needing to decode the stream once but lately I’ve been receiving periodic decoder overload errors.

Whereas this never occurred prior to the duplicate cameras being added. I’ve since assigned these duplicate cameras to the software encoder and this works, with CPU showing minimum 30% idle, but I do get some dropped frames/choppiness in recorded footage. 

**Feature Request**

If I was able to assign a separate storage path to Continuous Recording and AI Motion recording then I wouldn’t require the camera duplicating workaround. I’ve thought about merging the 2 x 1 TB SSDs and using 1 storage location but unfortunately I fear most of the space would be taken by continuous recording and I’d lose much of my 30 day retention of AI Events due to there being no way to set a quota.

any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  • This kind of thing has come up a few times before, so we have implemented what should be a good solution for this in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.5.2b5). Now you can set different age thresholds for deletion for Continuous Capture vs. Motion Capture files for each camera, which can now be set under Preferences > Cameras > Continuous Capture and Preferences > Cameras > Motion Capture. So, for example, you can specify that Continuous Capture files be kept for 5 days, but Motion Capture files be kept for 30 days or only deleted when the disk fills up.

    Since you have two separate disks, you should now split the cameras between each disk, and then set a short duration to keep the Continuous Capture files, in order to leave plenty of space to keep a long history of Motion Capture files. This will negate the need for you to add each camera twice.

    Please test this and provide your feedback.

  • Perfect,

    I've been running with your above recommendations for 3 weeks now and i'm happy to report this is working perfectly!

    Thanks again,


  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back.

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