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Feature Request: Be able to filter captures on iOS app by content (e.g. animals, vehicles, humans)

Now that you have expanded the ability to capture movement for different types, it would be useful to filter the captures based on the content of the video capture. I want to easily find the captures for the day where an animal was detected.


  • I agree - thanks for your suggestion. We'll see if we can add this in the next iOS app update.

  • Hi Ben.

    Has there been any update on adding these features to the mobile app? I would love to be able to filter the search for humans and vehicles on my phone.


  • Hi @hotwire we are currently working on this and hope to have an update with this feature available soon.

  • I just wanted to say thank you for adding these features in the latest version. This is a huge usability improvement in my daily routine of reviewing video captures.

  • Great to hear that! I was just about to post about this here but you beat me to it :)

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