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Display Nest with server screen

I'm not sure if this is a good idea bandwidth wise but I am able to display my Nest cam in SecuritySpy by displaying the server screen with a Nest window on it.

I'm using full screen mode for a complete image but that's a bit cumbersome when I want to use my server. Is there any way to just display part of the screen or a particular window? I tried defining a mask but that just blanks the rest of the screen without zooming in on the unmasked part.




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    Forgive me if this has been discussed before (I couldn't find anything about it) but I think I've made this method feasible with an app called BetterDisplay. I created a dummy display to stream with SecuritySpy and so I can leave it up with Nest on Safari in full screen mode without interfering with my main display. I think I can add other dummy screens for other closed cameras as well. Fun!

    Does screen display count as a separate camera license?

  • BetterDisplay is interesting, I haven't come across this particular app before. This is certainly one way to get video from an unsupported camera into SecuritySpy, although this method is suboptimal since you have the processing overhead required for Safari to decode the video and for SecuritySpy to capture the screen and encode the video again. I would also worry about reliability and quality loss.

    Yes, these simulated cameras that capture from the screen do count as a camera towards your license limit.

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