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Continuous capture broken into very short movies

For one of my cameras (INQMEGAPRO using NETCAT profile) the movie files are being broken into 1-2 second segments rather than 15 minutes as I've specified. Occasionally I get slightly longer files but it always reverts to 1-2 seconds. Is there any camera characteristic or error state that might account for this?




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    BTW, the live video seems OK. Also, sometimes the files are stored as type .mov and others as .m4v. I can't figure out a pattern for this.

  • Hi Dave, for this camera, have you enabled the option at Preferences > Cameras > Device > Advanced Device Options Detect and adjust for video stream format changes?

    This is the main thing I can think of that could cause this issue. SecuritySpy has to start a new recording whenever the camera changes its video stream format, so if this happens often then you will get lots of short files.

    In terms of .mov vs. .m4v movie files, this FAQ explains the difference: Why can't I play back captured files in a web browser?

  • I was able to solve it but the advanced option you noted didn't make a difference. No idea why but it started working when I selected the option to recompress the video. I was hoping this option would also help with Monocle/Alexa access but no such luck. Recording normal length files is much more important though so I'm a happy camper! 😀

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