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Security Spy turns my Mac off

Hello I am using a 2020 Mac Mini with Monterey 12.3. I have 4 Lorex 2K IP Cameras on a closed circuit system that is hard wired. About once a week the Mac shuts down on its own. This did not happen till I put Security Spy Software on the Mac and does not happen when I shut the program off. Any thoughts on how to handle this? I am guessing it may have something to do with the amount of my hard drive I allow the program to fill with video clips. Thanks for the help, I appreciate any and all ideas.😊


  • It's difficult to determine why this problem could be happening - certainly it should not be possible for any app to cause this directly, so it's probably a more fundamental problem with your machine.

    For example, could it be overheating? Make sure it is in a cool place with good ventilation.

    When the Mac reboots, is there any message about the Mac shutting down incorrectly, which might contain any other information about the cause?

    Yes, another thing to check would be the amount of free space on the system drive, as you want to keep this at a good level to avoid slowdowns and other problems. If you are recording to the system drive, make sure SecuritySpy is set to leave a good amount of free space. However, this is unlikely to cause the whole Mac to shut down.

    Since this problem is so non-specific it's difficult to diagnose, and the main troubleshooting step to suggest here would be to reinstall macOS, so this is something you should try if all else fails.

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