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Servers Settings in APP IOS


Is it possible to put several server parameters on the application? I didn't. For example a server in HTTP, the same in HTTPS and then another server and finally this same server but with a different login???

I understand that it is not possible to see them at the same time but switching from one to the other without retyping all the parameters would be very useful to me.

Thank you for your comeback.


  • Each server can only be added to the app once, not multiple times with different parameters. But, the SecuritySpy app can save multiple addresses for each server, which allows it to connect in different situations (e.g. when it is on the same local network vs. when it's connected over the Internet vs. connected via a VPN). Exactly which addresses get saved depends how the server was added: if added automatically, then the addresses are determined automatically; if you add the server manually then whatever address you specify will be saved in addition to the ones that can be automatically determined.

    There is no way to have multiple different logins for the same server in the app; no one has ever requested this before. Could you explain how this would be useful?

  • Hello and thank you for this feedback.

    The reasons are as follows:

    The first reason: I have several users and they inform me of malfunctions or adjustments or request a new camera. From the application, to verify, I have to connect with their Username and MDP and once verified, I have to connect again with my credentials. it's tedious.

    The second reason. This would allow me to connect from my application with different ports. Currently I have to disconnect and enter the information again with a different port.

    The third reason: I have several camera sites and I want to connect with different username and password (and not groups). To switch from one to the other, I have to log out and manually enter the others.

    If it is in your projects, I am interested in this function.


  • I add a reason: I have several camera groups. I like to go to "capture" and here there are two possibilities: selecting "all cameras" or "a specific camera". I would like to see a "specific group". this allows me to see immediately if there has been action in this area. one of the solutions would be to be able to choose the group in "capture". another to change the type of server connection which would be programmed just for a group. thank you

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