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MacOS Error

edited July 16 in SecuritySpy

I've been running SS for ages now on Mac and been fine running on my new iMac for months, but all of a sudden I have an error which is beyond me.

I'm getting this error - Error performing motion capture for camera "Back yard", motion capture mode will now be disarmed. (Failed to create default capture destination directory 9920,642 You can’t save the file “Back yard” because the volume “Macintosh HD” is read only.)

The same error shows for both cameras.

Now the odd part is that it's never happened before like I said been running SS for months now and fine.

SS writes the saved camera files to my External NAS so not sure why it needs write permission on MacOS. yes SS does run on my iMac but doesn't write anything to it.

I've tried changing the Permissions on the Macintosh HD to write but it says I don't have permission even though I'm the only user and have full admin access.

Does anyone have any idea please why I'm getting this error and how to fix it?



  • This could be some issue with the bookmark that SecuritySpy has saved to the capture destination. Please try the following:

    • Reboot the Mac
    • In SecuritySpy, clear all existing capture destinations by clicking the "Reset" button next to these settings both at Preferences > Storage and at Preferences > Cameras > Setup
    • Under Preferences > Storage, set the capture destination again to the NAS

    Does this do it?

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