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"Bad username or password" message on and off on JPEG view


I have an issue with one of my camera's. It works fine with RTSP video. However, the resolution and streaming quality are bad. They look much better in JPG mode, but when I use that mode the stream often shows "Bad username or password'. The username and password are in fact correct and the stream works from time to time. But only for a few minutes and then it displays the message again. My camera works with several profiles and this seems to happen with all of them, but only in JPG mode. RTSP is not causing an issue. Does anyone have a solution for this?


  • The only reason for this message is that the camera is rejecting the username/password that SecuritySpy is sending, so if you are sure that you have entered these correctly into SecuritySpy then this is a camera issue.

    I'm surprised that you are seeing better quality with the JPEG stream - the RTSP stream (which is presumably H.264 or H.265) should be of a similar quality. What camera make/model is this? Does it support ONVIF? If so, then try the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy and try a few different stream numbers (using the "Input or stream number" setting in SecuritySpy under Preferences > Cameras > Device) as it's possible that the camera offers a few different streams of different quality/resolution.

  • Thank you for your reply, Ben. On closer inspection I found out that this issue happens every two minutes. So the camera JPG stream will be visible for 2 minutes and then I will get the "Bad username or password" notification for 2 minutes. This repeats ongoing. I checked the ports on my router and they are set correctly.

    It's an older generic model (Neo Coolcam, but I'm sure it's some white label product?). It works with the Foscam, Instar, Sharx, Wansview and Zoneway profiles. Each profile gives the same error. I can't explain why the JPG quality is better. The frame rate is lower, but the quality is better. It's supposed to be a 1080p camera, but the RTS / H.264 streams definitely don't look that way. I tried different streams as you suggested, but no results.

  • You can see the stream resolution displayed in SecuritySpy's Camera Info window, so it would be interesting to compare the JPEG stream with the RTSP stream (which is presumably H.264) to see if they are giving you different resolutions. If so, this could be a setting in the camera, so you could check for this. Likewise, some cameras have a setting to limit the duration of video streaming, so it's possible that this is what you are running into with the JPEG stream.

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