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PTZ presets on Imou

Hi, I am trying to set up an Imou Ranger 2 (Dahua), which works with the ONVIF profile. PTZ movement is ok, but I can't get PTZ presets to work. The camera does not respond when presets are triggered. 

What am I doing wrong? 

I have tried the numerical-only ONVIF PTZ preset option (that got presets working on my Foscam camera) without any luck. PTZ does not work at all using the Dahua profile. 


  • have you tried a dahlia profile lol

  • Are you setting the presets in SecuritySpy itself? You do this by holding alt (option) on the keyboard and pressing one of the preset buttons. Presets set in other applications or in the camera's web interface will not be available to SecuritySpy to use.

    If you have done this and it still doesn't work, then unfortunately the only conclusion is that the camera does not have a correct implementation of the ONVIF preset mechanism, and there probably will not be anything we can do to get this working for this specific camera.

  • Yes, I am setting presets within SecuritySpy. Too bad if this means that the Ranger 2 is not fully ONVIF compliant. I guess such a cheap camera with PTZ and ONVIF was too good to be true. 🥲

  • Can you reset the camera maybe that will get it going.

  • FWIW, I have the same problem with my Imou Ranger 2C. No presets that I can find in the imou app so maybe it just doesn't support it.

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