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Cheap camera installation.


I had the opportunity to acquire a small unpretentious camera in solar and wi-fi.

It works perfectly with the dedicated application.

It also works with network interfaces reaching its IP address directly.

My problem: I can't integrate it into SecuritySpy. I did a search…I really don't have much choice.

I'm showing you the information I have on this camera. If someone can give me a clue if it's possible.

Thank you.

Les informations :


  • Does it support ONVIF?

  • I guess if it did it would show up in the list.

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  • Do you have a brand and model for this camera?

    Have a look at the "DeviceCfg" to see what options the camera has.

    It looks that SecuritySpy thinks a Fiscal profile would fit with JPEG, but your camera is configured as "H.265X"

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    Some cameras you have to enable onvif via settings. But if there's no option in the settings, then it probably doesn't support it.

    Yeah what's the camera brand and model number. And what do the other settings pages offer.

  • Thank you for your interest in me.

    Below is the information I was able to find.

    For compression:

    -The notice says H264

    -The web interface gives me only one choice: H265x (as above)

    -I used VMSde SUNBA and he offers me only H264 and H264+

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    Can you show the device manager tab

    Is it a sunba?

    Found this for another Sunba ip camera, might be similar install

  • Is there any indication that this camera supports RTSP? Without this, it won't work in SecuritySpy.

    I see that there are a few device profiles returned from the search - what do you see when you use one of these profiles (e.g. "Bosch")? Your screenshot above wasn't really clear.

    Generally, solar cameras don't have the power necessary for constant video streaming, so they won't work with SecuritySpy for this reason. Usually the way these work is that the camera sits idle until some event happens (e.g. a client connects via the app) and then it activates and streams/records video only for the duration required, before returning to its dormant state. So, while I don't have any information about this camera so I can't say for sure that this is how it works, I would be surprised if you were to find a way to get this to work in SecuritySpy.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Port 8899 and 554 do not change anything.

    I have no indication concerning the RTSP. The image obtained with Bosch, I give it to you below.

    This solar camera works well as you describe. There is no solution I think now.

  • What is the brand and model of this camera?

  • I have no more information than those noted in the description above in the message. brand UDECER

  • I finally spent a lot of time there and it's impossible to integrate a camera that goes into standby to save energy like solar caneras. Thank you for your participation

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