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Big Sur / Monterey Icon replacement

Anyone want a roundrect Big Sur / Monterey SS replacement Icons. I created 2 options for myself. Not pixel perfect, but do the job.

To replace go to App in Finder / Right click / Show Package contents / Contents / Resources

Drag replacement files and replace existing files with preferred options and restart app.

Download link


  • I like these! I'm curious, do you not like the current icon, or do you simply find the roundrect versions more fitting for macOS 11 and 12?

  • The icon's fine pre Big Sur but In Monterey all none roundrect icons stand out like a sore thumb, especially in Launchpad. Thought it matched Mac OS stock app icons better size wise, instead of just using the iOS icon version.

  • Many thanks. I'm not sure if we will actually use them ourselves, but these are very nice. Yes, these work well with the icon style in the latest systems, but Apple changes the style quite often, so if we kept up with it then we'd have to keep changing our icon every few years.

  • Your right, Apple does likes a change. I do think the roundrect is here to stay though. The Mac might be dead by the time it's gone.

  • @efcjimbo these are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I'm bouncing between #1 and #3 personally.

  • Lovely, thanks.

    For some reason my Dock just refuses to change the icon, even though the app itself shows the new icon in Finder windows. Even restarting the Dock doesn't make it change.

  • edited June 22

    @davidblache try quit app and remove App from the dock and then drag it back in from Finder.

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